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La Cucina Hastings

Welcome to La Cucina Hastings, where traditional Italian cuisine meets contemporary charm in the heart of our vibrant community. At La Cucina Hastings, we celebrate the rich flavours and uncompromising quality of authentic Italian dining. Our menu features a delectable array of Italian pizzas, pastas, and calzones, each crafted with the finest ingredients and traditional techniques.

Special Italian Pizza oven

Our Pride

Our Oven Imported directly from Italy, is designed specifically to perfect the art of pizza-making. This state-of-the-art oven allows us to create pizzas with the characteristic charred crust and delicious, melty centre that you would expect from the streets of Naples.

At La Cucina Hastings, we are more than just a restaurant; we are a place where food lovers and families come together to enjoy good company and great food. Our passion for Italian cuisine is reflected in every dish we serve, from our savory pizzas to our rich, comforting pastas and perfectly folded calzones.

Join us at La Cucina Hastings for an authentic Italian dining experience right here in your own neighborhood. Indulge in our culinary creations, and let our warm, welcoming atmosphere transport you to the heart of Italy.

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